Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Dogs deserve to look good too. Their fur needs to be groomed and trimmed regularly. Imagine carrying all the bulk in the summer? It sounds so uncomfortable! Having a professional dog clipper helps you alleviate your dog’s pain. This way your beloved pet always remains comfortable. 

This article will help you find the best dog clipper. Pay attention to the buying guide to see what you need to look for. There are so many things to consider. Also, you need to find out which clipper fits your dog breed. What works for a poodle might not work for a Maltese. 

Let this guide help you find the clipper that best suits your needs. Each has multiple features and is a front-runner in the market. The noise volume, rotations per minute, type of blades, and more are things worth looking into. There’s a lot to consider before making your purchase. Let’s take a closer look.

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Dog Clipper Buying Guide

You can’t choose a dog clipper based on the style. It may be one of the best in the market, but it could not suit your needs. Your dog breed and product features play an important role in this decision. Put yourself in the shoes of a groomer. How would you want your client, the dog, to feel? The very best, right? 

Let’s break down some of the core features you need to look into.


This is an obvious requirement. The dog clipper should have a powerful motor. You also need to look at the rotations per minute. What about the speed variations? Is that a requirement? Do you want a cordless clipper? Why do you need this trimmer? Is it to give your dog a quick touch-up or a full makeover? 

There are pros and cons of investing in both. It’s easier to trim smaller dogs with a cordless clipper. The obvious problem lies in the battery life. What if you run out of charge midway? While corded clippers get you out of that dilemma, your dog might entangle itself with the wires.


Cordless clippers can be maneuvered more easily. It’s all moot point if it doesn’t have an ergonomic shape. If you want to spend a long time trimming your dog, it needs to be comfortable. The weight needs to be looked into as well. You don’t want to accidentally drop the trimmer and create a mess, do you? 

The more robust and powerful models tend to be quite heavy. They promise more durability though. These devices can sustain some wear and tear. Lighter models are easier to work with but make sure they’re not made of flimsy material. Investing in a casing wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Some of the more powerful clippers tend to be fairly noisy. You don’t want to intimidate your dog with unwanted noise. If you have a timid dog, avoid making such a purchase. What’s the point if your dog runs in the opposite direction every time you turn the clipper on? 

Also, make sure you read through customer reviews. So many models claim to not make a sound. It’s fine if the clipper has a low hum. Customer feedback helps you avoid falling for that trick.


Let’s assume the dog clipper you got is powerful and durable. Does it offer a clean-cut though? What’s the point of having a device that doesn’t provide the best results? Imagine dealing with a Maltese with a subpar blade! The best dog clipper should have the ability to trim the most stubborn fur. 

Again, look into the reviews. Many brands offer false promises. Also, a powerful clipper won’t necessarily come with the best blades. Look into the accessories that come in the box. Does the clipper have a basic blade? Or does it come with multiple ones? Do your research before making the purchase.

Heat Dissipation

You should also see how much heat the motor generates, especially in the fastest setting. Most clippers tend to dissipate heat after prolonged use. It’s best to take breaks while trimming your dog’s fur. You don’t want to disturb their skin. It might also leave behind some irritation.

This will make them reluctant to trimming their fur again. That brings a different set of problems. You can turn off your device midway. Allow the clipper to cool down before using it again. Some models have their solutions. They come with oils or solutions to reduce the problem.

Best Dog Clippers of 2021




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Best Dog Clippers of 2021

ONEISALL’s Low Noise Dog Clipper

It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery

Comes with an upgraded stainless steel blade

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

WAHL’s Deluxe Cordless Dog Clipper

It comes with detachable self-sharpening blades

Works on thick coats

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

WenTop’s Dog Grooming Clippers

It has three adjustable speeds to suit different dog furs

Comes with an intelligent LED display

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Oster Animal Care’s Pro Dog Trimmer

It comes with a precise blade for sensitive areas

The maneuverability is excellent

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Andi’s Ultra Edge Professional Dog Clipper

The trimmer is shatter-proof

It’s ergonomically designed

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

AIBORS’ Heavy Duty Dog Clipper

This motor rotates 6500x per minute

It offers low noise and vibrations

HANSPROU’s  Rechargeable Dog Clipper

This works on both large and small dogs

The titanium alloy blade offers smooth cuts

WAHL’s KM5 2 Speed Dog Clipper

This multifunctional clipper works on horses too

This is loved by new and seasoned groomers

WAHL’s U-Clip Grooming Kit

It offers up to 7,200 strokes per minute

Durable and long-lasting

Oster’s A5 Dog Clipper

This has a highly durable blade and casing

The high-torque motor works on thick fur

1. ONEISALL’s Low Noise Dog Clipper - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Offer a comfortable grooming session to your beloved pet with this low noise dog clipper. It has excellent flexibility. The device also comes with a plethora of blades for different breeds. You can change the comb to clip different dog hair lengths.

Mind you, it’s best to use scissors if your pet has particularly long and luscious hair. The stainless steel blades with the ceramic moving ones offer great cutting performance. They’re also detachable so it’s easy to clean.


  • The upgraded stainless steel blades offer flexible yet precise cuts
  • It’s easy to hold and maneuver
  • The package comes with a little brush to clean the blades


  • It could use thinning shears to cut around the tight places

2. WAHL’s Deluxe Cordless Dog Clipper - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

WAHL has become a frontrunner in the market when it comes to animal hair clippers. The company has been around for a while and has been producing some of the best grooming products. 

This deluxe series is one such example. These rechargeable clippers are perfect for small or medium size dogs. The heavy-duty motor cuts through the thickest coats. All the blades are color-coded so you can easily identify them before use.


  • The cordless usage can last multiple grooming sessions
  • It has a strong casing and can withstand heavy-duty
  • The trimmer glides over your dog’s fur


  • It won’t work on larger breeds like poodles
  • The clippers aren’t easily detachable

3. WenTop’s Dog Grooming Clippers - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

This affordable dog clipper comes with various speed levels and adjustable blades. The lithium-ion battery runs without interruption for four hours or so. With this maneuvering, you can get precise with your grooming sessions. 

The best part about this is perhaps the intelligent LED display. You know what the speed and the battery level are. The USB power supply is a nifty thing to have because you can charge anywhere.


  • You know how much charge is left from the indicator
  • It has adjustable speeds and replaceable blades


  • It takes a long time to fully charge
  • Can’t tackle thick coats

4. Oster Animal Care’s Pro Dog Trimmer - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

This trimmer may be small but it gets the job done. Not only that, it comes for an extremely affordable price. There is a finger loop to help you keep your hands steady during the grooming session.


  • It’s easy to handle, especially for beginners
  • Can be used on the sensitive areas of your dog


  • It’s not as versatile as the other clippers
  • Tends to heat up quickly

5. Andi’s Ultra Edge Professional Dog Clipper - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

If you have a veritable set of dogs in your home, this is a worthwhile investment. It’s not only powerful but durable too. It’s ergonomic in design and offers precise control over the grooming session. The clipper also comes with a wear-proof and shatter-proof casing.


  • You can complete the entire grooming session without a hitch
  • Comes with an anti-slippery rubber ring
  • It has a heavy-duty 14 inches long cord


  • It’s a tad pricey but a worthy long-term investment
  • Tends to heat up with the wrong voltage

6. AIBORS’ Heavy Duty Dog Clipper - Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Best Dog Clippers of 2021

Dealing with matted fur can be nightmarish. You need to consistently groom your dog. If your dog has long or curly hair, you’re in for a long ride. That’s why you need a dog clipper with a robust motor. There’s an adjustable blade cutter to help you get the right length too.


  • It has high carbon blades that offer a precise and smooth cut
  • Comes with four adjustable blades for different dog breeds


  • The battery takes a while to charge and only runs for three hours.

7. HANSPROU’s  Rechargeable Dog Clipper 

Don’t let the name fool you. It may be powerful but it’s gentle too. You can use this on small dogs as well. It has a thirty-five tooth cutter head that trims your dog’s hair perfectly. There won’t be any accidental tugs or discomfort. Just remember to clean the blade thoroughly before using it again.


  • Has a single button operation
  • It has low vibrations so your dog will always be at ease


  • The blades are narrow so it takes a long time to cut
  • The blades are narrow so it takes a long time to cut

8. WAHL’s KM5 2 Speed Dog Clipper

This clipper is known for speed, precision, and comfort. The different kits have various price ranges. This is ideal for people who are learning how to groom their pets. The low hum doesn’t disturb the dogs. So you can finish the grooming session with relative ease.


  • It does not heat up easily
  • Comes with a long cord for easier maneuvering


  • It doesn’t have a long life-span
  • Tends to break down easily

9. WAHL’s U-Clip Grooming Kit

If you’re looking for an affordable grooming kit, this is your best bet. It won’t break your bank. This clipper doesn’t have the best features but it gets the job done. It’s perfect for small dogs.


  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • There’s a grooming video tutorial in the DVD attached


  • It’s extremely noisy

10. Oster’s A5 Dog Clipper

This brand is known for its reliability. It has all the right features. The clipper is powerful, durable, and ergonomic. It claims to be a heavy-duty product but it’s best to use this in moderation.


  • This multifunctional clipper works on all types of animals
  • It goes from 3,000 to 4,000 strokes per minute


  • It’s noisy compared to the other clippers in the list


Having a dog is a huge responsibility. Grooming plays a huge role in this. Not only do they make them look good, but it also makes them feel good. Check which features best meets your needs. 

Your choice ultimately depends on the type of breed you take care of. With that being said, all ten in this list get the job done! The ONEISALL’s Low Noise Dog Clipper is a personal favorite though. It’s durable, robust, and lasts a long while!

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