Best Dog Nail Grinders of 2021

Dogs tend to activate their flight mode when you bring nail grinders. It’s a predictable outcome. They have sensitive feet and hearing. So the fear isn’t uncalled for. They tend to get anxious from the noise. Add a few bad experiences and they tend to get ballistic during a nail cut!

This is why you need to offer your dog the very best. Here’s a product that will get the job done without unwanted squirming. You guessed it right. We’re talking about dog nail grinders. These grooming tools are the cutting-edge solution to your dog’s nail problems.

Dogs are right to be scared of nail clippers. There are higher chances of accidents. Nail grinders help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. The grinder essentially does the job of sandpaper. Also, grooming professionally can get a tad expensive. You can take care of your furry friend yourself.

Dog Nail Grinders Buying Guide

So how do you choose the best nail grinder for your dog? Here are a few key points you need to pay attention to.


Your dog’s comfort is your utmost priority. You need to find a grinder that you can easily operate. So find a grinder that you feel comfortable working with. You also need to focus on your hand-eye coordination.

You don’t want to accidentally irritate your dog’s skin. This task requires patience. So take some time to get familiar with the tool. See how it feels in your hand. If you’re comfortable, your dog will be too.


Wireless nail grinders have their problems too. The batteries tend to die faster. You need to get this job done with time in hand. Imagine running out of battery in the middle of the task?

This is why you need to find a powerful grinder that promises to function for a long time. Wireless batteries offer more maneuverability and functionality. It’s more comfortable too.


Some dogs aren’t bothered by the noise resulting from vibrations. Collies and Golden Retrievers have a predisposition of having noise anxiety though. Others don’t tend to care much. You can’t tell until you whip out a noisy device!

There’s no easy way to tackle this. All you can do is get a grinder that doesn’t make too much sound. The sound range you should be looking for is 40 to 60 decibels.

Shape and Size

These two factors affect the ease of use of this device. What works for others may not for you! The grinder should fit your hand comfortably. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to control it properly.

If you’re a tad shaky, finding a grinder that rotates slowly is your best bet. People who have firmer hands can work with faster rotations. It’s not the same for everyone. So make sure you find a dog nail grinder that fits you and your dog!


You don’t want to stop your task midway. You need a powerful grinder and get through the entire task. Slow grinders dissipate a lot of heat which may be uncomfortable for your dog.

A powerful grinder not only promises to get the job done but also a comfortable experience. Look for a dog nail grinder that doesn’t emit too much heat. It may irritate your dog’s skin.

As long as you cover these key features, you’re good to go! Let’s take a look at the best dog nail grinders in the market.

The Best Dog Nail Grinders





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Best Dog Nail Grinders

Dremel’s Cordless 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder

This rotary tool has two speeds

It comes with multiple sanding drums and bands


Best Dog Nail Grinders

Casfuy’s Electric Dog Nail Grinder

The vibrations and sounds emitted are low

It has two different grinding speeds


Oster’s Gentle Paws

There are adjustable safety guards which prevent entanglements

It’s a wireless device


Best Dog Nail Grinders

CONAIRPRO’s Wired Dog Nail Grinder

It has two different finishing stones

There’s a protective cover to stop over-grinding


Casifor’s Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder

It has a twenty-hour battery life

You can manipulate the speed to fit your dog’s needs


Best Dog Nail Grinders

Hertzko’s Dog Nail Grinder

It has two different guard sizes

Lightweight and comfortable


Dremel’s PawControl 7760-PT Dog Nail Grinder

It has a rechargeable and powerful lithium-ion battery

The nail guard stands at an optimal 45 degree


URPower’s Dog Nail Grinder

It has an effective diamond bit grinder

There’s an LED indicator to let you know about the battery life


Best Dog Nail Grinders

Andis’ Dog Nail Grinder

This lightweight design has an ergonomic silicone sleeve

It’s a thirteen-piece accessory kit for the perfect grooming session


INVENHO’s Dog Nail Grinder

It has two grinding guards

Equipped with two ports


1. Dremel’s Cordless 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder

Best Dog Nail Grinders

Dremel is a front runner in this market and for good reason. Most dogs don’t enjoy the nail cutting experience. They can’t tell the difference with Dremel’s Cordless 7300-PT dog nail grinder.

You can easily maneuver this device even around fidgety breeds. It’s quiet, wireless, and gets the job swiftly. You can also use two speeds to meet your dog’s needs. This model can also last three hours on a single charge.


  • It’s compatible with other Dremel accessories
  • The grinder comes with five sanding discs
  • The quiet hum doesn’t trigger your furry friend’s noise anxiety


  • It doesn’t come with a safety grinder

2. Casfuy’s Electric Dog Nail Grinder

Best Dog Nail Grinders

If you’re looking for a dog nail grinder that offers excellent service at an affordable price, this is it. The Casfuy dog nail grinder has three ports to accommodate different dog breeds.

You can use this device at two different speeds. The best part is the low noise feature. Many pets tend to get skittish around loud devices. You won’t have to worry about that with this nail grinder!


  • The low noise operates at less than 50 decibels
  • It can be recharged via a USB port


  • The grinding stone isn’t suitable for larger dogs

3. Oster’s Gentle Paws

In terms of services, Oster’s Gentle Paws nail grinder is on par with the Dremel one. It’s a tad loud though. So you probably shouldn’t use it on excitable dog breeds. There’s a safety guard that holds the nails in too.

The only drawback is that it’s not rechargeable. You need to use four AA batteries instead. There’s also a plastic sheath that captures all the dust particles from filing the nails.


  • It works on both dogs and cats
  • Has an ergonomic design for easier maneuverability


  • It’s loud compared to the other dog nail grinders
  • The batteries need to be replaced frequently

4. ConairPro’s Wired Dog Nail Grinder

Best Dog Nail Grinders

The ConairPro Wired dog nail grinder is preferred by many professionals. What’s not to like? You’ll find multiple attachments that suit various types of dogs. The device also comes with a safety guard to stop you from over-grinding nails.

The best bit? It’s extremely quiet. The low hum doesn’t irritate the more jumpy dogs. The only catch is that it’s wired. It limits your movability and can get a little annoying at times.


  • There are four grinding replacements
  • It emits a low noise which is perfect to use around restive dogs


  • It’s not wireless
  • Has only one grinding speed

5. Casifor’s Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder

This dog nail grinder differentiates itself for its speed. The Casifor dog nail grinder features a “stepless” power setting. With this, you can adjust the speed according to your dog’s needs. You’re in charge of the speed and precision!

The battery life is unlike others too. It has a twenty-hour battery life! This means you can have several grooming sessions on a single charge. You can also use any USB port to charge this.


  • It operates at 40 decibels which is great for dogs with sensitive ears
  • There are three ports for various dog sizes


  • It doesn’t work as well on large dogs

6. Hertzko’s Dog Nail Grinder

Best Dog Nail Grinders

This dog nail grinder may be lightweight but it gets the job done. The Hertzko Dog Nail Grinder is known for its quiet motor. This is typically used on smaller or medium-sized dogs.

You can charge it using a USB port. The device also has two different size guards to accommodate different nail shapes. There’s no guard though. So it can get a little messy. If you want something that feels easy to use, this is it!


  • It can be used on cats, rabbits, and birds too
  • You can use it while charging


  • The grinder tip is irreplaceable

7. Dremel’s PawControl 7760-PT Dog Nail Grinder

You shouldn’t be surprised to see another Dremel dog nail grinder on the list. This is the improved version of the Dremel 7300-PT dog nail grinder. It has more features too. The only reason why it’s not on the top of the list is because of its price.

The grinder elevates the grooming process. There’s a nail safety guard fixated on a 45-degree angle to improve precision. It’s a nine-piece accessory kit that suits a multitude of dog breeds. There are also four-speed settings to pick from.


  • This professional grinder works on large dogs too
  • It works at four different speeds


  • It’s pretty expensive for occasional use

8. URPower’s Dog Nail Grinder

The URPower’s dog nail grinder offers precision with its diamond bit grinder. The brand says that you won’t ever need to replace it. Well, it lasts longer than most. Not sure about the lifetime promise though.

There’s also an indicator light to let you know about the battery status. The device runs for approximately three hours on a single charge. The motor is noisy compared to the rest of the nail grinders on this list.


  • The cuts are extremely precise
  • It’s cheap compared to other dog nail grinders


  • It’s not as powerful so it works on small dog breeds only

9. Andis’ Dog Nail Grinder

Best Dog Nail Grinders

This top-rated dog nail grinder has a multitude of accessories. If you’re looking to transform how your dog’s nails look, this is the device you’re looking for. It’s a favorite among professionals and for good reason!


  • It works on all dog breeds
  • Works on thicker dog nails


  • A bit pricey
  • Not wireless

10. INVENHO’s Dog Nail Grinder

This device comes with a diamond grinding wheel that promises longevity. The grinding guards stop you from grinding. It’s comfortable to use and is wireless too. It runs for six hours on a single charge!


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • The low hum doesn’t disturb a dog’s sensitive ears


  • It doesn’t work on thick nails very well


Your dog needs to be comfortable before you get your nail grinder out. See that the toes are separated from each other. Most dogs tend to keep their paws out. Others like to bend them backward. Either way, make sure they’re seated properly.

Grinders can also get hot easily, especially if you use it without breaks. It’s advisable to use the grinders in small increments. It will irritate your dog’s skin otherwise. Also, make sure you don’t entangle your pet’s hair or fur!

All the dog nail grinders on this list get the job done swiftly and effectively. Among the ten options, “Dremel’s Cordless 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder” is the favorite! Not only is it wireless and quiet, but it’s also powerful too.

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