How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Dog lovers all around the world seem to increase in numbers every day. However, have you thought about what hobbies they have? Some like digging, others like taking a walk. Then there are those dogs who love to run. It can be straight up running, playing with a frees bee, or playing ball. So what dog can run the fastest? These animals are some of the most widely loved, but have you ever wondered how physically swift they can be? Let us find out – how fast can a dog run? Please note that almost all the dogs on this list need a lot of room to run around in. They love moving around and being outdoors. So ensure that you adopt them when you can give them such a facility.

Different Breeds

There are innumerable breeds of dogs, as you may already know. They are all different, not only by appearance, but also genetically, physically and biologically. This will also result in them achieving different physical feats, including how fast they can run.

The 10 Fastest Dog Breeds

Let us have a look at the ten fastest breeds of dogs in the world. Do not try to run a race with one of these as you will probably lose!

1. Border Collie

Top Speed: Up to 30 miles per hour

Border Collie

Photo By: Kanashi

This breed was originally raised to manage sheep and cattle in Scotland and England. They are well loved in Europe, and now they are popular globally. They are well known for their focus, their calmness and their ability to sense predators.

These are extremely intelligent dogs, and they excel in various kinds of sports. They run extremely fast for their size and heights. Border Collie can run up to 30 miles per hour, which is very good for their height. For this reason, they make really good guard dogs. 

2. Doberman Pinscher

Top Speed: up to 32 miles per hour

Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher are strong and well built. They are agile, and stand tall at around 26 inches when at the shoulder. They have a sleek body and are covered with a shiny coat of fur. Usually, they are found in black and red.

Dobermans are usually good at guarding what they protect, and this means they can chase suspects away fast. They can run as much as up to 32 miles per hour. However, they require a fresh source of water as their running drains them out quite fast.

3. Whippet

Top Speed: up to 35 miles per hour


Photo by: Mitchell Orr

Whippets are extremely intelligent hunters, so much so that they are known for this. They were once titled as a hunter’s best friend, as they could hunt down small game. The breed now competes in various sports activities such as flyball and lure coursing. They are also considered as therapy dogs.

As they compete in such sports, it is needless to say that they can be rather agile. The Whippet dog breed can run up to 35 miles per hour, which is almost the average speed of a motorbike!

4. Borzoi

Top Speed: up to 36 miles per hour


Photo by: karolina wv

The originally Russian breed called Borzoi, which means “swift”, gives you an idea of their physique. These dogs make great indoor pets, but only when given enough rooms. They live for about 12 years, and they are incredibly playful.

With their playfulness, they also happened to be extremely fast. They can run aside motorbikes that go up to 36 miles per hour. That is a tremendous amount of speed for a dog breed usually kept for pets. Adopt one only if you have the room available for their playful nature. 

5. Dalmatian

Top Speed: up to 37 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo by: catherine-heath

You probably are already familiar with a Dalmatian from the famous Disney film. They are considered as dogs that help firemen at firehouses. These dogs are generally great around people with their social charm. 

Do not think that this dog is slow just because of their fairly smaller size. They can run for a long time at about 37 miles per hour, which is amazing. In cases of emergency, when needing to fetch something for the owner – Dalmatians are great!

6. Jack Russel Terrier

Top Speed: up to 38 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo By: sheri-hooley

The Jack Russel Terrier adds to our list of smaller dogs that can run fast. These dogs were once famously used for hunting foxes in the United Kingdom about two centuries ago. It may not seem like it because of their size, but they are sharper and smarter than you think.

Regardless of that, they are still very friendly. They are loyal and they make for great family pets. Due to their hunting skills, the Jack Russel Terrier can run up to 38 miles per hour, and are extremely easy to train. They are also very easy to raise and train.

7. Vizsla

Top Speed: up to 40 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo By: theme-inn

A Vizsla can be easily familiarized with their appearance. They have a golden-rust coat and they stand at about 24 inches at shoulder. They are also a hunter’s companion, which will explain their speed later.

Vizslas are extremely playful and jolly, and they are very easy to train. They can run alongside a hunter when being chased by a predator. This is why they can run up to 40 miles per hour when needed. 

8. Afghan Hound

Top Speed: up to 40 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo By: Arve Kern

The Afghan Hound is a majestic creature that is usually found in the deserts of Afghanistan. They are very independent, and are not easy to train. They share characteristics with wolves more than most other dogs, such as their calm but quickness to react.

Afghan Hounds are great pets if you have the time and space for them. They can run up to a little over 40 miles per hour, making them a dangerous hunting dog on this list. 

9. Saluki

Top Speed: up to 42 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo By: artem-sapegin

Salukis love chasing other smaller animals. They will take notice of small, moving objects and just set themselves off like a rocket. They are also friendly around humans, and are used for racing.

A Saluki can run up to 42 miles per hour

10. Greyhound

Top Speed: up to 45 miles per hour

How Fast Can a Dog Run?

Photo By: juan-gomez

The Greyhound in the average happens to be the world’s fastest dog. They are incredibly friend, are easy to maintain and are not aggressive unless threatened. They also make great house pets.

The Greyhound runs at up to 45 miles per hour, as fast as some cars – making them the fastest existing breed of dog in the world.

In Conclusion

We hope this article has given you more insight on how fast a dog can run. Adopt a homeless animal if you have the luxury!

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